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We have taken the plunge #ALS #IceBucketChallenge & made our donation! Your turn:

POSTED ON 08.26.14 BY fourthisking
Labels:  ice bucket challenge   icebucketchallenge   ALS   donate   culture   FIK crew   video   animation   

We dig stickers. Nice article and video about pawnworkschicago Sticker Club via the Chicago Reader. 

POSTED ON 07.11.14 BY fourthisking
Labels:  stickers   art   streetart   Chicago   pawnworks   studiovisit   video   chicago reader   

This is going to be great! Dumb and Dumber To Trailer. 

POSTED ON 06.11.14 BY fourthisking
Labels:  dumb and dumber   jim carrey   video   trailer   movie   comedy   culture   pop culture   

Awesome lip sync battle between Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone. 

POSTED ON 05.23.14 BY fourthisking
Labels:  jimmy fallon   the tonight show   emma stone   lip sync   music   video   comedy   battle   culture   

A time lapse video of the FIK Team creating our chalk mural.

POSTED ON 04.29.14 BY fourthisking
Labels:  timelapse   video   fastforward   mural   art   PopUpShop   chalkboard   Typography   lettering   

struggleinc: Vibes Melt Down 2043, Cody Hudson for Case Studyo, Coming soon….

POSTED ON 02.07.14 BY fourthisking
Labels:  video   art   Cody Hudson   struggleinc   skull   smoke   

Best Super bowl commercial this year. I prefer the full video instead of the cut they put on tv. Here’s a Sun Times interview with Ian who is “up for whateever.”

POSTED ON 02.03.14 BY fourthisking
Labels:  ian rapoport   culture   Sports   superbowl   budlight   advertising   video   UpForWhatever   arnold schwarzenegger   reggie watts   don cheadle